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ITG Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in State College. Learn more about ITG Basement Systems's recent work requests in State College and nearby areas!

Learn more about ITG Basement Systems' recent work requests in State College, PA
Vicinity of Ridge Ave in State College
I am looking to waterproof our current finished basement. Each year we get water that comes in after large amount of rain and it always comes in on the front corner of the house itself.
Vicinity of Park Forest Ave in State College
I have a partially finished basement and there's wet carpet down there that isn't coming from either a window or plumbing. I need to diagnose, then fix.
Vicinity of Wayland Pl in State College
Our basement has been have problems with flooding with all the recent heavy rains and we are trying to learn about possible solutions (such as the installation of a sump pump).
Vicinity of Penfield Road in State College
We just arrived home from vacation and had water in our basement for the first time. We wanted to see what solutions might exist to prevent this in the future. Our home was built in the 50s and this is the first time we have had water.
Vicinity of Horseshoe Circle in State College
Interior French drain system and foundation repair
Vicinity of Bristol Avenue in State College
Musty basement with areas on concrete walls showing crystalline deposits. Was considering applying DRYLOK, but wanted to get some and compare some professional assessments.
Vicinity of Ridge Avenue in State College
Need to install a crawl space vapor barrier in approximately 800 square feet.
Vicinity of Homan Ave in State College
Damp crawl space, some water marks on walls/carpet, humidifier runs constantly
Vicinity of W Nittany Ave in State College
Looking for a quote for our business, Centre County Women's Resource Center, to fix the water in our basement level. Please contact me by phone or email to schedule a time to meet with us. Thank you.
Vicinity of Puddintown Rd in State College
Moisture/one area of water in basement after heavy rain. Efflorescence on basement cinder block. Concern about potential for mold
Vicinity of Waddle Rd. in State College
Reoccurring issues with our basement flooding. There are two large holes that fill up when it rains and one has a sump pump in it. The one the sump pump is in is usually always half full, when it rains that other hole does not empty. I'm not sure if they are possibly connected and there is blockage or if there is something else we can do to prevent this from happening everytime it rains. Thanks!
Vicinity of Seymore Avenue in State College
Our basement flooded this past weekend due to the snow melt and ensuing rain. We found four small holes along the base of our walls (looked like someone drilled them out w/ a 1/4" bit) with water flowing into our basement. Looking into interior french drains to combat.
Vicinity of Buchenhorst Rd in State College
I have water leaking into my basement along a wall.
Vicinity of Autumnwood Dr. in State College
I have a wet basement and am unsure where the water is getting in.
Vicinity of Acacia DR in State College
In our garage, we have a bowing wall with water seeping through and beneath. The other wall also has water seeping underneath. The drain tile pipe appears full of rocks, sand & clay. The home is 40 years old.
Vicinity of W Whitehall Rd in State College
We have some foundation issues and not sure what we are dealing with. Would like someone to come and give an estimate as to the problem and what it would take to fix it.
Vicinity of Oak Leaf Ct in State College
A finished basement carpet got wet every time it has heavy rain.
Vicinity of Westerly Parkway in State College
Corner of foundation is settling, windows don't close completely, brick has stepwise cracks. Raised Range home.
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in State College
I have a section of basement wall that is bowing due to improper back-filling by previous owner. The section is probably only 10 feet, and I am looking for a quote to get it corrected.
Vicinity of Seymore Avenue in State College
1. I have a very damp, musty basement. With a new born son, I want to make sure I do everything to prevent mold from growing in basement and to assess if I have a mold problem right now. 2. I have a concrete porch that has a crack in its foundation. I would like a quote on how much it would cost to fix it.
Vicinity of Sleepy Hollow Dr in State College
Crawl space dampness, water. Insulation. Has a dirt floor
Vicinity of Crandall Drive in State College
Thinking about finishing my basement and want to know more about your egress windows/sizes and wells as associated costs. Thank you, Mark
Vicinity of Douglas Drive in State College
This would be a quote for crawlspace waterproofing, most likely vapor barrier and a sump system.

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