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ITG Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Mechanicsburg. Learn more about ITG Basement Systems's recent work requests in Mechanicsburg and nearby areas!

Learn more about ITG Basement Systems' recent work requests in Mechanicsburg, PA
Vicinity of Mendenhall Drive in Mechanicsburg
We have had a leak in the basement related to our egress window. We need interior repair and remediation to the outdoor grading.
Vicinity of Allenview Drive in Mechanicsburg
Selling a home, discovered water damage to wood along back basement wall above concrete foundation. Wood has dry rot between floor joists. Floor joists have minor rotting, and most likely the sill does as well. Assuming some joist sistering may need done. Insulation kept the issue hidden until now. Need to repair up to selling condition before putting the house on the market. It's a small townhouse basement with decent access. Would love for a free diagnosis/estimate sometime next week if available after we clear out our items into the new place. Thank you.
Vicinity of Glendale Drive in Mechanicsburg
We have a crawl place. there is no water however; it stays damp. We are concerned about the possibility of mold. We would like to talk to you about a vapor barrier or insulation in that area or whatever options you feel would be the proper application. We would like an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Berkeley Dr in Mechanicsburg
The bricks on the lower half of our first floor stay wet days after it rains. I'm concerned that water is getting into the walls and basement.
Vicinity of Mission Hill Rd in Mechanicsburg
Flooded Basement
Vicinity of Royal Palm Dr in Mechanicsburg
Water entering basement in back of home for the first time in many years. Looking to install another sump pump or French drain to the existing sump pump
Vicinity of Baythorne Dr. in Mechanicsburg
Bowing basement walls
Vicinity of Moreland Court in Mechanicsburg
My crawspace had a pipe break in the summer. I had a guy fix it and the crawlspace was dried out. The handyman was supposed to come back to wipe down where black mold had been found and well as our insulation back up. I have had a hard time reaching him to come back and fix....stopped responding. Also, since then, I have noticed in the front corner of crawlspace, the sand is wet again in 2 areas....may be down spout issue. Would like to get fixed asap before cold weather
Vicinity of Freedom Road in Mechanicsburg
Going to be remodeling our basement an have a couple of walls that I think might need to be sealed
Vicinity of East Locust St in Mechanicsburg
When it rains front of house on rg side gets wet in basement. It's a concrete floor. Can u take a look at it and give me an estimate. I trust the radio station. THANK you . When you call can it be at 11am not to early thanks
Vicinity of Grantham Road in Mechanicsburg
Water seeping through block walls and pooling on basement floor. There is a sump pump already installed in this area but floor is not sloped towards sump pump.
Vicinity of Teal Road in Mechanicsburg
Leak in basement along one wall
Vicinity of Lisburn RD in Mechanicsburg
Seem to have moisture issue on one side of my basement fireplace hearth
Vicinity of Bearcreek Drive in Mechanicsburg
My honeyed built in 1985; I'm the original owner. I have a 16 by 20 by 5 feet high crawl space under my sun porch. I had a plumber in to replace a hydrant and he found mold both black and white in the underside of the porch flooring floor joists and insulation. Irionically I have been complaining about wicker furniture on the sun porch smelling musty .......little did I know Area is not ventilated and the wall closest to ground level had been over saturated by the garden bed irrigation system. I eliminated that line from watering that bed last week. Wall has 86 % saturation based on reading from insurance company. I have had two mitigation companies here and only have one proposal for remediation. I liked what I saw on your web site. I need some guidance as to how to proceed Thank you
Vicinity of Widders Dr in Mechanicsburg
Found water/wet carpet in basement after recent storm. Have never seen water in this area before.
Vicinity of Stephens Xing in Mechanicsburg
Cracks in basement wall. Portion of the house built over a slab are showing some floor and wall cracks
Vicinity of Nottingham Drive in Mechanicsburg
Cracking on basement floor; little water coming in at foundation on exterior wall
Vicinity of Wertzville Road in Mechanicsburg
I had water coming through the walls and through the floor last night. I need help as soon as possible. My cell number is . Please call me. Thanks,
Vicinity of E Lisburn Rd in Mechanicsburg
We have a 10' high, 90' long retaining wall where the top blocks are out over the bottom blocks in 1 section. I would like to know if helical anchors could be used to stabilize the wall & if so to receive a quote for having this work done. Thank you. Regards, Matt
Vicinity of South Rd in Mechanicsburg
Vicinity of Wyncote Ct in Mechanicsburg
The front wall of our townhouse is settling due to what appears to be water damage in the crawl space (joists are sinking into sill). My wife purchased this house 5 years ago and likely inherited this problem - it is finally being noticed by cracking in the corners of the front wall. I'd like to have someone come take a look this week if possible in order to understand what the problems are and ultimately generate an estimate. Give me a call to discuss or e-mail is fine too. Thank you, Kyle Robbins
Vicinity of East Lisburn Road in Mechanicsburg
Front load bearing wall and side wall bowing.
Vicinity of Woodcrest Drove in Mechanicsburg
Crawl space restoration
Vicinity of Brookridge in Mechanicsburg
I recently purchased a home and i would like an estimate on sealing the crawl space. The home was built in 1970 and upon inspection of the crawl space the insulation in the ceiling of the crawl space was installed upside down. there is black plastic down on the ground and the overall crawlspace doesnt look terrible (im no expert) but i would like an estimate to have it completely done properly.
Vicinity of Hogestown Road in Mechanicsburg
Hello, I'm interested in water proofing my basement. The last few rains our basement has flooded and now we're finding moisture in our carpets in the connecting basement room.
Vicinity of Longview Dr in Mechanicsburg
The foundation of my house has stair step and horizontal cracks. There is also some shifting/sliding in the corner.
Vicinity of Newtown Circle in Mechanicsburg
Humid and damp basement. Some effervescence seen on the walls. Want to finish basement and thought it best to have it waterproofed before I finish it off.
Vicinity of Allenview Dr in Mechanicsburg
I have a townhouse and water is coming in the basement with heavy rain storms.
Vicinity of Summit Way in Mechanicsburg
We want to make a walk-out basement for my house. right now we have only one emergency window in the basement.please give me the quote.
Vicinity of Nicholson Court in Mechanicsburg
We have a finished basement and we are concerned about leaking in the foundation and possible mold on the drywall. It seems to be in only one area of the basement.
Vicinity of E Portland St in Mechanicsburg
The entrance way to my basement is not water tight resulting in water damage to floor joints.
Vicinity of Geneva Dr in Mechanicsburg
I just did an inspection on a condo with a crawl space. The inspector found mold on the 2x4'under there. The Air handler for the furnace is under there too. What do you do to fix this and can the mold come back. Not sure if I'm going to go through with the contact at this point. Need some advice
Vicinity of Haydon Court in Mechanicsburg
We are looking at purchasing a home that has severe cracks in the concrete slab basement floor which are buckling up, cracks in the concrete block foundation walls, and the chimney is separating from the side of the house. The home was built in 1977 and is in excellent condition other than the problems listed above. I can email photos of the problems. Before making an offer on the house, I'd like to know an estimated cost to repair and if there could be other hidden problems associated with these issues.
Vicinity of Brian Road in Mechanicsburg
Slightly bowed wall. Cracked mortar and block.
Vicinity of East Lisburn Road in Mechanicsburg
We have a finished basement that accumulates water when 5+ inches of rain falls. We would like to discuss sump pump installation/solutions and dehumidifier options.
Vicinity of Pawnee Dr in Mechanicsburg
Crawl space insulation is poor, plastic lining ground not intact. Dryer venting into crawl space.
Vicinity of Winston Dr in Mechanicsburg
Crawl space needs either ventilation and/or insullation. Bedroom above crawl space is always the coldest room in the winter and hottest room in the summer. Interested in inspection/advice and job quote.
Vicinity of Bella Vista Dr in Mechanicsburg
Would like an estimate to have negative-side sealant put on basement floor
Vicinity of Ewe Road in Mechanicsburg
We have a family room on a slab adjacent to our home. During the recent heavy rainstorms, we had water intrusion in front of the brick hearth of the fireplace that does not appear to be coming from the roof, flashing, or chimney. That side of our yard is wet and lower than our neighbor. I suspect either water coming in from around the footer to the chimney or a water table below the slab and coming up. Can you have a look and advise please? Thank you.
Vicinity of Moreland Court in Mechanicsburg
Have a sand crawlspace which was damp so we "encapsulated" it with white plastic used for such and recently noticed 1/4 of the crawlspace has 1" of water. I believe the water is get'n in around the service pipes (electric/cable) but not sure. Would appreciate a inspection/estimate and your professional opinion where the water is come'n from. There is a downspout in that corner of the house which may be causing the issue???
Vicinity of Memory Lane in Mechanicsburg
Hi! Our home was built in 1995. We have an unfinished basement with poured concrete walls. One of our walls has developed a crack from the ceiling to the floor (the top is wider than the bottom). In strong rains, water comes in through the crack. I assume we should do something about this, but we don't know what. Would you be able to give us an estimate for what you would do? Thank you!
Vicinity of Hawthorne Avenue in Mechanicsburg
We have split level house with stone/dirt floor crawl space. We wanted to look into what it would cost to minimize moisture in the crawl space and also in the living area adjacent to the crawl space.
Vicinity of South Market STreet in Mechanicsburg
Need a full perimeter drainage system in 1964 ranch home.
Vicinity of Forrest Drive in Mechanicsburg
Just bought this house, ripped out paneling in the half basement to install dry wall and found past water damage. There are also some cinder blocks that need repair. Please call me and I will work around your schedule for a free estimate. Thank you.

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