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Work Requests in Carlisle

ITG Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Carlisle. Learn more about ITG Basement Systems's recent work requests in Carlisle and nearby areas!

Learn more about ITG Basement Systems' recent work requests in Carlisle, PA
Vicinity of Mooreland Ave in Carlisle
Water coming up thru concrete in middle of basement floor
Vicinity of Laurel Dr in Carlisle
Crawlspace issues
Vicinity of Annendale Dr. in Carlisle
Water seep s into basement at several points
Vicinity of Strayer Drive in Carlisle
Water in our finished basement
Vicinity of North Dickinson School Road in Carlisle
Have foundation walls that are pushing in due to bushes beside the house.
Vicinity of Chester St in Carlisle
I am experiencing water coming through one section of my basement wall. Water enters during periods of rain and pools on the floor. It appears to be isolated to only the one corner. Please contact me by phone to schedule an estimate. Do not email me. Thank you.
Vicinity of E Street in Carlisle
Basement walls are leaking causing mold mildew. Drylock had been applied previously by past owners over the past 15+ years.
Vicinity of Devonshire DR in Carlisle
Some cracking in basement cinderblock wall - looks like it may be starting to bow a bit. Not serious yet, but now may be the time to address whatever is causing the problem. No water getting into basement at this time.
Vicinity of Stratford Drive in Carlisle
Water on basement floors
Vicinity of Adams Road in Carlisle
Condensation on crawl space fiberglass insulation.
Vicinity of Douglas Dr in Carlisle
Water seepage in basement
Vicinity of Beecher Dr. in Carlisle
Crawl space insulation I think my duct is leaking air into the crawl space
Vicinity of Redwood Drive in Carlisle
Front porch/stair casing need leveling.
Vicinity of Grahams Woods Rd in Carlisle
Wet basement, drainagearound house, do not think hose was wrapped or sealed
Vicinity of Terrace Avenue in Carlisle
Cracked and bowed wal with 1/4" displacement
Vicinity of Regal View Dr in Carlisle
I already have a sump pump, however it can't keep up with long hard rains. I do not have a backup system in place. Would really like to get solved before the storm on the way! Interested in the "triple system" that is offered. Thank you
Vicinity of ADAMS ROAD in Carlisle
We have a finished basement but we have always got some water which ruined the paneling in some areas. A month ago we had a pipe break in and flooded the basement. Now we are putting it back together and want to see if water proofing will fix the water problem and if we can afford it.
Vicinity of Allen Road in Carlisle
Cracks in basement wall, bowed wall, water leakage
Vicinity of Gobin Drive in Carlisle
Horizontal cracks in basement wall that seasonally open and close to about 3/8" max. Some cinder blocks cracked

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