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Kyle Artley

ITG Basement Systems

Hometown: Northumberland

Kyle Artley from ITG Basement Systems

Kyle joined the ITG team as a Systems Design Specialist.  Kyle was trained by both Foundation Supportworks and Basement Systems International and has received numerous certifications for both.    He gives estimates for both residential and commercial properties.   Before coming to ITG, Kyle was in financial and sales management.  He has many certifications in management essentials and finance.  Kyle feels rewarded when he can give someone a solution to a problem and enjoys working for ITG helping customers with their waterproofing and structural problems.  When not busy working, Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife and their 2 puppies.  He also takes up golfing on a regular basis, and spending time with good friends.  

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA
    Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA

    Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA

    The homeowner for this property in Wilkes Barre had been dealing with a water problem for quite some time now.  She was in a constant cycle of clean up after each rain and melting of snow.  The basement humidity was high and water pooling in areas.  So the homeowner starting looking for someone help with this issue and came across ITG, so she gave us a call.  We were happy to get her set up with a free inspection of her basement.


    ITG sent out Systems Design Specialist, Kyle Artley, to access the situation.  Kyle carefully evaluated the home inside and outside and came up with a plan to eliminate the water issue in the home.  He designed a specific system tailored to the basement, drew up a plan, and together set up a date of installation.  


    The system included a Super Sump, the Sani Dry Sedona, WaterGuard and CleanSpace.  The Super Sump is a cast iron pump that can remove 2,650 gallons an hour while being energy efficient.  The sump lid sits flush with floor and is durable enough to store items on top while staying airtight allowing no debris to fall inside.  The Sani Dry Sedona will control the humidity in the basement and drains directly in to the sump pump so there is never a bucket to empty.  The CleanSpace is a thick liner typically used to encapsulate crawlspaces, however, it has many other beneficial uses as well.  The CleanSpace protects the home environment from the earth and its elements, but also assists in waterproofing.  


    The home is in a much better state at this point and will protect the home for many years to come.  The home owner can now feel more at ease, knowing the system is in place. 



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