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Juli Ross

ITG Basement Systems

Title: Customer Care Rep

Hometown: Sunbury

Juli Ross from ITG Basement Systems

Juli works at ITG as an appointment setter.  She enjoys helping customers by being there for the first step to finding the solution they need for their home.  Juli enjoys working in an office setting and is always eager to assist our customers with their needs.  In her spare time, you might find her making jewerly pieces by hand.  She also enjoys spending time with her daughter.  

from customers I've helped!
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    Jim & Heather R. of Lancaster, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Arrived early, professional demeanor. Walked me through maintenance clearly.
    Jim & Heather R.
    Lancaster, PA
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    Daniel & Rachel A. of Mohnton, PA

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              very pleased
    Daniel & Rachel A.
    Mohnton, PA
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    Joe & Allison V. of State College, PA

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              Becuase of your crew and the work, we recommend ITG to anyone!
    Joe & Allison V.
    State College, PA
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    Anna M. of Pottstown, PA

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              Great job!
    Anna M.
    Pottstown, PA
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    Carl & Sonja R. of Shoemakersville, PA

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              Well satisfied. Thank you
    Carl & Sonja R.
    Shoemakersville, PA
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Cleanspace barrier installed in Macungie, PA
    Cleanspace barrier installed in Macungie, PA

    Cleanspace barrier installed in Macungie, PA

    The home owners of this property in Macungie were experiencing some draftiness in the crawlspace of their newly purchased home.  They had us out to another property so were familiar with ITG, and knew right away to give us a call. The crawlspace was one of the things they wanted to have corrected and checked off their list.  


    ITG sent out Systems Design Specialist, Brian Long to the property to take a look at the crawlspace.  After looking over the property he came up with a game plan that would solve this issue.  Brian discussed the plans and his design to the home owners, and they felt like it was the way to go.  He felt like the crawlspace needed Cleanspace to separate the home from the ground.  We would also remove the debris and replace the insulation.   Brian arranged a date on the calendar and the project was set in to motion.  


    ITG sent out the production crew to start the job.  They had everything needed to complete the project as expected.  The Cleanspace is a 20 millimeter thick heavy duty liner, much like a pool liner.  It is extremely durable yet flexible that allows it to form to the walls and ground, yet resistant to tears.  The Cleanspace will brighten up any space and has a antimicrobial additive molded into the material.  The home owners are very pleased with the upgrade to the new home and are ready to move on to their next project!  

  • Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA
    Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA

    Waterproofing in Wilkes Barre, PA

    The homeowner for this property in Wilkes Barre had been dealing with a water problem for quite some time now.  She was in a constant cycle of clean up after each rain and melting of snow.  The basement humidity was high and water pooling in areas.  So the homeowner starting looking for someone help with this issue and came across ITG, so she gave us a call.  We were happy to get her set up with a free inspection of her basement.


    ITG sent out Systems Design Specialist, Kyle Artley, to access the situation.  Kyle carefully evaluated the home inside and outside and came up with a plan to eliminate the water issue in the home.  He designed a specific system tailored to the basement, drew up a plan, and together set up a date of installation.  


    The system included a Super Sump, the Sani Dry Sedona, WaterGuard and CleanSpace.  The Super Sump is a cast iron pump that can remove 2,650 gallons an hour while being energy efficient.  The sump lid sits flush with floor and is durable enough to store items on top while staying airtight allowing no debris to fall inside.  The Sani Dry Sedona will control the humidity in the basement and drains directly in to the sump pump so there is never a bucket to empty.  The CleanSpace is a thick liner typically used to encapsulate crawlspaces, however, it has many other beneficial uses as well.  The CleanSpace protects the home environment from the earth and its elements, but also assists in waterproofing.  


    The home is in a much better state at this point and will protect the home for many years to come.  The home owner can now feel more at ease, knowing the system is in place. 



  • Water problem under control in Moosic, PA
    Water problem under control in Moosic, PA

    Water problem under control in Moosic, PA

    This was a basement of a large home in Moosic, PA.  The home owners had been dealing with a water issue for a while and just didn't know what steps to take to correct the problem.  After seeing a commercial for ITG Basement Systems, the owners decided to give us a call for a free estimate.  

    ITG sent out their Systems Design Specialist, Dennis Deitrich, to evaluate the problem and find a solution. Dennis carefully inspected the inside and outside of the home and came up with a system to correct the problem.  Dennis proposed two of our patented TripleSafe sump pump systems for this large home, with the Waterguard piping system, and CarbonArmor strips for the foundation walls.  The TripleSafe system is a 3 pump system.  The first pump is the main pump and operates most of the time.  When pump one cannot keep up or fails, pump two will then kick on.  Both pumps working together can pump up tp 6200 gallons of water per hour.  If power is ever lost, pump three will kick on, running on DC battery back up system.  Along with the pumps, is the non-clogging system, WaterGuard, that channels water in to the pump to be discharged.  For the structure of the home, we installed CarbonArmor strips for stabilization.  The CarbonArmor is made of fiber-reinforced polymers that are ten times stronger than steel.  They are also flexible which enables them to contour against the wall seamlessly.  This is a non-invasive way to correct structural issues.


    The home owners are very happy with the work and feel secure knowing the integrity of their home is restored.  

  • Water problem solved in East Stroudsburg, PA
    Water problem solved in East Stroudsburg, PA

    Water problem solved in East Stroudsburg, PA

    The home owners in this East Stroudsburg property were growing weary of dealing with the ongoing water problem in the basement.  The problem had been there since the home was purchased, however seemed to just keep getting worse over time.  The owners knew something had to be done but wasn't sure where to start.  After searching for solutions online, they came across ITG Basement Systems and saw we provided free estimates so they gave us a call.  


    ITG sent Systems Design Specialist, Kyle Artley, to the property to help these home owners out.  Kyle carefully evaluated the inside and outside of the property, then sat down and went over the findings and solutions available with the home owners.  Kyle decided the home needed our patented WaterGuard non-clogging piping system around the perimeter of the basement and a TripleSafe sump pump system for complete protection.  


    The team showed up and started on the project at the residence.  ITG installed the TripleSafe, which is a three pump system design to protect against any water situation encountered. The TripleSafe has pump one working most of the time, your "main" pump, meanwhile, pump two is going to automatically kick on when the first cannot keep up, or if it was to ever fail.  If there is a power outage, pump three will turn on and runs off a DC battery.  The WaterGuard is the perimeter system designed to channel any water directly in to the piping system and moves it to the pump for safe discharge.  It will never clog and works on all types of foundations.  


    The home owners feel great about the new system.  They now can relax when the rain pours down for the basement is guaranteed to be dry!

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