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Joe Drumm

ITG Basement Systems

Hometown: Northumberland

Joe Drumm from ITG Basement Systems

Joe joined the ITG team as a Systems Design Specialist.  Joe was trained by both Foundation Supportworks and Basement Systems International and has received numerous certifications for both.  He gives estimates for both residential and commercial properties.  Before coming to ITG, Joe was a director of a welding and carpentry school for many years.  He also has many years experience in property insurance inspecting homes.  Joe finds it very rewarding meeting with customers and helping them identify, understand, and solve problems for their homes.  He loves the fact he can assure them they will never have to deal with the headache caused by water and foundation problems again.  In Joe's spare time, you will find him spending time with his 4 daughters and his wife.  He also enjoys studying martial arts and reading.  

from customers I've helped!
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    Robin W. of Fayetteville, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Satisfied that crew did ALL work as specified AND were happy to explain the process.
    Robin W.
    Fayetteville, PA
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    Lori & Harry P. of Camp Hill, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Installers were phenomenal! Highly recommend.
    Lori & Harry P.
    Camp Hill, PA
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    Gloria S. of Harrisburg, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              The crew was very efficient and friendly. Very pleased with the results.
    Gloria S.
    Harrisburg, PA
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    Todd & Susan A. of Halifax, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Crew was conscientious about cleanliness!
    Todd & Susan A.
    Halifax, PA
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    Jeff D. of Jonestown, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              The guys were hard working and the foreman answered all of my questions and explained my options. They were a good crew.
    Jeff D.
    Jonestown, PA
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    Vince C. of Altoona, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Great job! Good clean up as well.
    Vince C.
    Altoona, PA
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    David S. of Mohrsville, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              great workers. Did job right the first time!! Above and beyond!
    David S.
    Mohrsville, PA
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    Donald & Barbara M. of Royersford, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Great job! Very professional. Looks great!
    Donald & Barbara M.
    Royersford, PA
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    John W. of Bellefonte, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Crew was professional! Friendly and on time! I would recommend Aaron and his crew as well as ITG
    John W.
    Bellefonte, PA
  • "Crew was...................." Read Full Testimonial

    Brian F. of Bellefonte, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Crew was very professional. Very polite. Answered all questions. Neat. Cleaned up well.
    Brian F.
    Bellefonte, PA
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Waterproofing system and sump pump installed in Mechanicsburg, PA
    Waterproofing system and sump pump installed in Mechanicsburg, PA

    Waterproofing system and sump pump installed in Mechanicsburg, PA

    The owners of this beautiful home in Mechanicsburg were extremely concerned with the water intrusion disrupting their life, so they decided to give I'm The Guy Basement Systems a call to give them a solution.  


    Our Systems Design Specialist Joe Drumm arrived promptly to the home to assess and inspect the conditions in the basement.  Joe concluded that our Waterguard, a supersump and a mold treatment was just what this home needed for a permanent solution.  The ITG crew received their work orders and headed to the home for the installation.  


    WaterGuard was installed along the base of the foundation wall and will channel water into the SuperSump, which will eject any water out of the basement through discharge lines on the exterior of the home, moving it far away from the home's foundation. The airtight lid on the SuperSump not only sits flush with the floor, but is sturdy enough to store things on top of, so no space is lost. The owners were very pleased with their new dry basement.

  • Sump Pump & Waterguard installed in Williamsport, PA
    Sump Pump & Waterguard installed in Williamsport, PA

    Sump Pump & Waterguard installed in Williamsport, PA

    The homeowners of this Williamsport, PA home were getting sick & tired of constantly having to clean ground water out of the basement every time it rained.  The sump pump the owners currently had installed just was not doing it's job and could not keep up. So they decided to give I'm The Guy Basement Systems a call to have this resolved once and for all.  


    Our System Design Specialist, Joe Drumm, arrived promptly to diagnose the problem and come up with the perfect solution for their needs. He identified that our WaterGuard system and our SuperSump pump system would be ideal solutions. With the plan set, the crew headed to the home to begin the work.


    The WaterGuard sub-floor piping was installed with our patented SuperSump System to channel water into the pump and discharged safely far from the foundation.  The homeowner finally have "peace of mind", and no longer fear pulling in the driveway on a rainy day to find a nightmare of a situation.  

  • SunHouse Windows installed in Berwick, PA
    SunHouse Windows installed in Berwick, PA

    SunHouse Windows installed in Berwick, PA

    The owners of this home in Berwick had issues with some old basement windows.  They were leaky and rusted, not to mention not nice in appearance due to age and moisture over the years.  The owners knew in order to correct this problem, they would need a window replacement.  The owner found us online and decided to give us a call.  


    ITG sent our Systems Design Specialist, Joe Drumm, to evaluate the the home.  After looking over the home, Joe concluded that replacing 2 windows in the basement would elleviate the water coming in through seams and will make a more appealling appearance for the home.  The owner agreed and they came up with the plan.  


    The ITG team came out and installed the homeowners 2 windows in just one short day.  The owner was more than satisfied with the end result and the windows look beautiful!

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