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Dennis Deitrich

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Hometown: Northumberland

Dennis Deitrich from ITG Basement Systems

Dennis joined the ITG team as a Systems Design Specialist.  Dennis was trained by both Foundation Supportworks and Basement Systems International and has received numerous certifications from both. He gives estimates to both residential and commercial properties.  Dennis comes to ITG with 22 years of sales experience and 10 years of management experience and has earned multiple certifications in his fields.  Dennis loves working with such a credible company as ITG.  He enjoys working with a family-oriented team that stays focused on the company's success.  He takes pride in working for a company with proven leadership backed by "state of the art" products.  In his spare time, Dennis loves spending time with his family.  His passion is coaching children in different sports and helping them with lessons on life to help them be successful and believe all things are possible.  

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  • By Patrick M.
    Schuylkill Haven, PA

    "I’m the Guy, deserves 6⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s From the very beginning I was skeptical, due to many..."

    Customer Review

    By Patrick M.
    Schuylkill Haven, PA

    I’m the Guy, deserves 6⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s From the very beginning I was skeptical, due to many contractors trying to get over me in the last 10 years. Then Dennis my sales/ project coordinator designed the whole project for me and explained it to me. We scheduled a date within a week and the crew of 2 showed up about an hour early. (let's see that anywhere else)! Billy and his helper got to work immediately, as he explained and showed me the product they would be using. The put up plastic to block off other areas of my basement and covered everything else. They had a fan blowing out the dust. They both worked hard and were delightful to have in our home. Cleanup was great, and the job was complete! My mind was set at ease when Dennis showed up out of the blue to check on if the workers needed anything and if I was satisfied with what they were doing! He went miles and miles out of his way to do this. When all was cleaned up I was surprised when Billy told me that manufactures warranty on the pump was 4 years, but ITG will add 3 more years to that warranty plus the labor work!!! What an outstanding experience and will recommend them to everyone! The system Work’s flawlessly and is very quiet. Thank you ITG for saving my home! Pay no attention to negative reviews.. People want something for nothing anymore. This company is the real thing! P. S. Price was more than I wanted but reasonable. It saved my home!

  • By David N.
    Fogelsville, PA

    "Estimator Dennis Deitrich was very thorough and professional. He gave clear explanations for the scope of the job and the..."

    Customer Review

    By David N.
    Fogelsville, PA

    Estimator Dennis Deitrich was very thorough and professional. He gave clear explanations for the scope of the job and the recommended procedures. The work was scheduled for the day after I returned the signed contract. Colby and his team of installers completed the job within a few hours, and made sure all the clean-up was done. He took the time to explain the pertinent features to me, such as the inspection/clean-out port in the drain and the alarm system on the sump pump. Dennis followed up with me after the installation to ensure I was fully satisfied with the work performed.

from customers I've helped!
  • "They were............" Read Full Testimonial

    Laura P. of Gettysburg, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              They were the best team I have worked with. They can come back anytime.
    Laura P.
    Gettysburg, PA
  • "Excellent..............." Read Full Testimonial

    Barbara H. of York, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Excellent job!!! Thank you
    Barbara H.
    York, PA
  • "I had a.........." Read Full Testimonial

    Theresa P. of York, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              I had a great experience working with ITG (I'm Yhe Guy)!! They called back right away, did an outstanding job, were very professional, and very helpful to me. They went way above and beyond to help me and I am very grateful. These are very caring people! I'll hire them again in a heartbeat if I need foundation work!!
    Theresa P.
    York, PA
  • "Was very............" Read Full Testimonial

    Lester & marie K. of Brogue, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Was very nice and kind. Cleaned up any type of mess that was made in process. Thank You!!
    Lester & marie K.
    Brogue, PA
  • "Very........." Read Full Testimonial

    Paul & Karen D. of Carlisle, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very fine work
    Paul & Karen D.
    Carlisle, PA
  • "Super great............." Read Full Testimonial

    Phil & Tracy H. of Mechanicsburg, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Super great guys! They explained what they were doing & why. Also, knowledgeable about next steps. Very impressed!
    Phil & Tracy H.
    Mechanicsburg, PA
  • "If I know........." Read Full Testimonial

    Dan & Kim T. of Mechanicsburg, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              If I know of anyone who need attic insulation I would be happy to recommend. Job well done.
    Dan & Kim T.
    Mechanicsburg, PA
  • "The guys........." Read Full Testimonial

    Brett & Marsha W. of Enola, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              The guys were great!
    Brett & Marsha W.
    Enola, PA
  • "Arrived........." Read Full Testimonial

    Jim & Heather R. of Lancaster, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Arrived early, professional demeanor. Walked me through maintenance clearly.
    Jim & Heather R.
    Lancaster, PA
  • "Crew was......" Read Full Testimonial

    Brenda G. of Myerstown, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Crew was good to deal with.
    Brenda G.
    Myerstown, PA
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Sump pump replaced in Reading, PA
    Sump pump replaced in Reading, PA

    Sump pump replaced in Reading, PA

    This home had been getting water for quite a while and the owners were getting tired of the constant clean-up.  They started looking on the internet for something to help correct the problem, and came across ITG so they gave us a call.  ITG set up a free estimate for the home owners so we could help them with the problem.  


    ITG sent out Systems Design Speacialist, Dennis Deitrich, to evaluate the situation.  Dennis came up with the perfect system design that would eliminate this water problem for good.  Dennis informed the home owners what was needed was a SuperSump pump system and WaterGuard.  The SuperSump pump is a "top of the line" 1/3 HP cast iron pump, capable of pumping 2,650 gallons of water per hour seamlessly out of your home.  The pump has an air tight lid that sits flush with the basement floor, that will ensure no objects nor debris will fall down in to the sump hole, and durable enough to stand on and store things on top of.  


    ITG went to work on the project and finished up in just one day.  The home owners are extremely pleased with the finished work and feel confident the system will stand up to many years of ground water.  

  • Water Problem Stopped in Williamsport, PA
    Water Problem Stopped in Williamsport, PA

    Water Problem Stopped in Williamsport, PA

    In this garage of this home in Williamsport, PA, was a major water problem invading this owners space whenever it rained.  She was getting tired of having to clean up every single time it rained even a little.  She made a call to ITG Basement Systems and we were eager to help with the situation.  


    Our Systems Design Specialist, Dennis Deitrich, arrived at the home to provide a free inspection.  He carefully evaluated the home's foundation walls and floors and came up with the perfect solution.  With the SuperSump pump and WaterGuard system with a trenchdrain, was exactly what this garage needed.  Crew was given instruction and headed over to get started.  


    The SuperSump can pump out up to 2,650 gallons of water per hour very quietly and smoothly.  It has a durable, airtight lid made for protection from debris and sturdy enough to store things on top of.  The WaterGuard piping system works beautifully with the pump and channels water out of home far away from the foundation, while the trenchdrain focuses on a specific problematic area.  The homeowner was immediately relieved that in just one short day, all her water problems were resolved and she can finally enjoy every part of her home.  

  • Water problem under control in Moosic, PA
    Water problem under control in Moosic, PA

    Water problem under control in Moosic, PA

    This was a basement of a large home in Moosic, PA.  The home owners had been dealing with a water issue for a while and just didn't know what steps to take to correct the problem.  After seeing a commercial for ITG Basement Systems, the owners decided to give us a call for a free estimate.  

    ITG sent out their Systems Design Specialist, Dennis Deitrich, to evaluate the problem and find a solution. Dennis carefully inspected the inside and outside of the home and came up with a system to correct the problem.  Dennis proposed two of our patented TripleSafe sump pump systems for this large home, with the Waterguard piping system, and CarbonArmor strips for the foundation walls.  The TripleSafe system is a 3 pump system.  The first pump is the main pump and operates most of the time.  When pump one cannot keep up or fails, pump two will then kick on.  Both pumps working together can pump up tp 6200 gallons of water per hour.  If power is ever lost, pump three will kick on, running on DC battery back up system.  Along with the pumps, is the non-clogging system, WaterGuard, that channels water in to the pump to be discharged.  For the structure of the home, we installed CarbonArmor strips for stabilization.  The CarbonArmor is made of fiber-reinforced polymers that are ten times stronger than steel.  They are also flexible which enables them to contour against the wall seamlessly.  This is a non-invasive way to correct structural issues.


    The home owners are very happy with the work and feel secure knowing the integrity of their home is restored.  

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