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Taylor McBryan

ITG Basement Systems

Hometown: Turbotville

Taylor McBryan from ITG Basement Systems

Taylor joined the ITG team as a Systems Design Specialist.  Taylor was trained by both Foundation Supportworks and Basement Systems International and received numerous certifications from both.  Taylor gives estimates for both residential and commercial properties.  She likes helping families come up with permanent solutions that gives them piece of mind.  Choosing ITG for Taylor's own basement solution, proved to her it was a company she could trust and wanted to be a part of.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her four kids.  

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    Mike and Kathy B. of Hanover, PA

    Customer Testimonial

              Very friendly and knowledgeable techs
    Mike and Kathy B.
    Hanover, PA
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    Ray & Kay F. of Dallastown, PA

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              We are very satisfied with the professional, excellent service of the team! Everything was done to keep down the dust.
    Ray & Kay F.
    Dallastown, PA
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    Steve & Laura T. of York, PA

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              The team did a great job trenching my basement. They were polite and communicated well. They also answered all of my questions. The guys were prompt and hard working. Great Job!!!
    Steve & Laura T.
    York, PA
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    Linda R. of Wellsville, PA

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              Respectable crew. Hard working. Job well done.
    Linda R.
    Wellsville, PA
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    Tom & Jody B. of Mount Joy, PA

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              Did a great job, very competent.
    Tom & Jody B.
    Mount Joy, PA
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    Douglas K. of Elizabethtown, PA

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              Efficient-Job well done.
    Douglas K.
    Elizabethtown, PA
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    Donna V. of Hershey, PA

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              Thanks for all your hard work!
    Donna V.
    Hershey, PA
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    Janet D. of Parkesburg, PA

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              Very pleased with Taylor, Keith, John, Alex and Michael. Very pleasant and professional. THANKS!
    Janet D.
    Parkesburg, PA
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    Lori R. of Lebanon, PA

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              The ITG Team was excellent to work with on my project. Very courteous, professional and the work was completed as promised!
    Lori R.
    Lebanon, PA
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    Russell B. of Lebanon, PA

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              Work crew was friendly and efficient.
    Russell B.
    Lebanon, PA
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Wall Anchors save wall in Chambersburg, PA
    Wall Anchors save wall in Chambersburg, PA

    Wall Anchors save wall in Chambersburg, PA

    The owners of this Chambersburg home had been dealing with bowed walls in the basement for over 2 years now, and started to grow very concerned of the structural integrity.  They were worried that if left go for too much longer, the walls would be in danger of collapsing.  After flipping through the Sunday papers and finding a coupon for ITG Basement Systems, they gave us a call. 


    We sent our Systems Design Specialist, Taylor McBryan, out to investigate the problem.  Taylor carefully and meticulously evaluated the home's foundation from the inside and outside.  She concluded the patented Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System was the permanent solution for these buckling walls.  Taylor drew up the plans for the project and got them over to the crew for installation.   


    The Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System extends out to stable hard packed soil beyond the home, anchoring themselves there and bracing the wall.  Over time tightening the anchors can move the wall back into it's original position. Wall anchors work effectively for a number of problems such as bowing walls, tipping walls, and walls pushing in at the bottom.  After the wall anchors were in place, the hide a way wall anchor covers were put on to hide the appearance of the anchor plate and to beautify the wall.  The homeowners were finally relaxed and can feel safe knowing their foundation is now secure.    


  • Water problem corrected in garage in Shippensburg, PA
    Water problem corrected in garage in Shippensburg, PA

    Water problem corrected in garage in Shippensburg, PA

    After all the rain last season this home in Shippensburg had a diaster of a problem in the garage.  The homeowners were devestated about the amount of water and the appearance of it all.  They decided to call ITG Basement Systems for a free inspection of the situation.  


    Systems Design Specialist, Taylor McBryan, showed up on scene to assess ad diagnose the situation.  After careful examination of the property, Taylor sat down with the homeowners to work up the blueprints for the project.  After coming up with a plan of action, the ITG crew, with project details in hand, headed out to alleviate the problem.  


    With project complete, the homeowners immediately felt relieved about issue.  ITG installed  our WaterGuard system which will be used to catch water and send it to the SuperSump before it causes any damage.  Along with the WaterGuard and Supersump, BrightWall was installed along the wall to give the garage a clean look and lighten up the area.  The SuperSump is the best available and can pump out as much as 2,650 gallons of water an hour.  It comes with an airtight lid to keep moisture from evaporating into the air, as well as a WaterWatch alarm system that sounds if water rises above certain levels.  Its a space saver as it is flush with the concrete allowing storage space so there is no space lost.  This garage is now in much better shape for many years to come with this high-tech system installed.   

  • Waterproofing system dries up home in Carlisle, PA
    Waterproofing system dries up home in Carlisle, PA

    Waterproofing system dries up home in Carlisle, PA

    The homeowners of this property in Carlisle had been dealing with a water problem in the basement for many years.  Every time it rained the water intruded the house and their lives.  They were ready to do something about it for good and saw the commercial on TV for I'm The Guy Basement Systems and decided that would be a great place to start.  


    Our Systems Design Specialist, Taylor McBryan, went out to inspect the home and come up with a plan that'll solve these homeowner's problems.  They were looking for answers and Taylor was the expert to provide exactly that.  She designed a system for their specific needs.  Taylor concluded that our patented WaterGuard, a SuperSump, and Brightwall system was the best system for this home.  In short time, the crew was on scene and ready for install.  


    WaterGuard was installed along the base of the foundation wall and will channel water into the SuperSump, which will remove water out of basement into the discharge lines.  Along with these two patented products installed, The BrightWall is a complete floor to ceiling panel system that gives you clean, bright and dry basement walls.  It is 100% waterproof and will never rot or discolor.  Water that passes through wall from cracks will run behind panels down to the WaterGuard and in to the drainage system flawlessly.  This worked beautifully for this home and gave the homeowners peace of mind they needed. 



  • Water problem eliminated in Lancaster,PA
    Water problem eliminated in Lancaster,PA

    Water problem eliminated in Lancaster,PA

    This home had a severe water problem in the basement for many years.  The owners had a typical pump in the basement that could never keep up with the an=mount of water needing to be discharged from the foundation, so the hone kept backing up with ground water.  They knew they needed a solution.  The owners decided to give ITG Basement Systems a call after viewing our TV commercial.  


    We sent our Systems Design Specialist, Taylor McBryan out to find out what was going on with this basement.  After she evaluated the foundation she concluded replacing their typical pump with one of our Patented SuperSump would be the answer to this problem.  


    The SuperSump pump is one of the best pumps you can get on the market today.  It has a cast iron structure and can pump 2,650 gallons of water away from the foundation every hour. The SuperSump sits flush with your floor and can easily hold storage on top of the airtight lid with no worry of damage from weight or debris.  The home owners were happy with the new pump and felt confident it will keep their basement dry for many years to come

  • Crawlspace encapsulation & smart sump installed in State College, PA
    Crawlspace encapsulation & smart sump installed in State College, PA

    Crawlspace encapsulation & smart sump installed in State College, PA

    The owners of this establishment in State College had a very damp and musty crawlspace.  This is a very successful business with a bad water problem hidden below.  With the constant flow of water, along with extreme moisture, the owners knew they needed to create a dry and clean environment within the crawlspace for the sake of their building as well as their patrons.  They called ITG Basement Systems to help with the situation.  


    ITG sent out Systems Design Specialist, Taylor McBryan, to evaluate the property.  Taylor carefully inspected the crawlspace inside and outside, took proper measurements and drew up the plans.  She was able to design the perfect system for this property that would take care of the problem for good.  After speaking with the owners, they also agreed with Taylor's vision and planned date of install.  

    ITG installed Cleanspace on the floor and walls to fully encapsulate the crawlspace.  Cleanspace is a 20 mil thick liner that is extremely thick and durable.  This material will not puncture yet is still very flexible and will mold to any surface.  The material is also re-enforced with polyester cord for tear resistance and it is anti-microbial.  With its bright white finish, it will allow easy visibility within the space.  ITG also installed a Smart Sump crawlspace drainage system, as well as our Sani Dry Sedona.  The Smart Sump is a unique style of sump pump that comes with a 1/3 HP pump inside with an airtight lid.  Within the lid is a built-in pocket that will fill up and sound the water watch alarm with a plumbing leak, as well as a special floor drain that keeps water from coming up into the crawlspace.  Meanwhile, the Sedona dehumidifier is an energy star rated machine designed to remove moisture as well as mold spores out of the air and environment.  


    The owners of the establishment are very pleased with the system that was designed by Taylor.  Now that this system is in place will give the property a safer, dryer, and cleaner environment for not only the crawlspace but the entire establishment as well.  

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